Welcome to my website. This is a resource for clients and other practitioners who want to get a sense of the fantastic things I have the pleasure to practice and learn about. My practice is grounded in an ever-evolving quest for learning, so much of my blog is dedicated to sharing the things I come across that I’m most inspired by. Other practitioners may find tools and information they can use, and are welcome to contribute their own insights.¬†Clients can also learn about the exciting learning communities and resources that enrich my practice and therefore their experience when they work with me.

I also have a couple pages dedicated to explaining what happens when someone comes to see me as a client. My work is very cross-disciplinary and I draw from multiple bodies of work in order to meet people with the techniques and philosophical frameworks they can best use to move forward in their quest for optimum health, well being, and self-realization. Every person can expect a totally unique experience designed to dissolve the particular blocking factors they face on the way to their natural state of vitality and well being. We are all born whole and have a natural capacity to heal.

My job is to use my expertise to help people remove anything that gets in the way from generating their own ongoing ability for self-healing. My tools are ever-increasing, but the fundamentals include Lifestyle Program Design, Herbalism and Individualized Healing Diets, Counseling, Structural Integration, Pilates, Yamuna, Hydro and Heat Therapies.